Welcome to Aisiele/Whitelight Journals (Ansalon.net)!

Aisiele/Whitelight Journals (Ansalon.net) is an In-Character or role-playing blog for the Aisiele and Whitelight family-clans in Ansalon.net MUD. Ansalon.net MUD is an online Dungeons & Dragons game heavily based on its most popular campaign universe, DragonLance.

There is a suffix or a tag in this blog's title, as this was not the first of its kind. When Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa was still online, there also was an Aisiele/Whitelight Journals (Tabula Rasa) blog. The family-clans Aisiele and Whitelight spans many worlds, from fanfiction to original creations.

Some characters travel between these worlds and usually don't retain any memories; or they're either of similar names only or a parallel world counterpart. This information is rarely included in my stories mainly because of Copyright related issues. Thus, there are only hints or open-ended character origins.

Why do I do this? Because I love the idea that characters can travel between different worlds or universes. Are my characters interworld travellers? I do not know. If it is unclear or open-ended to you, it is the same with me. Yes, you've heard this a lot, but authors really doesn't know unless it has been published it, which makes it canon/official.

I hope you'll join the travels of my characters in Ansalon.net MUD and enjoy their stories. Oh, of course, you are free to join in, the game is free, lightweight, and we have a very active and fun community. Simply visit Ansalon.net.

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