To Arms

"What do you think?" Mayari asked, pointing her fingers at a line on an old brown scroll, "Could this be the spell that put you into slumber?"

Amyrei walked towards the table and looked over her shoulders, "A good find my dear Mayari," she tapped her shoulders. "Could you…"

Bells rang outside of her home, "Are not those the warning bells of the city?"

"The city is underattack!" Shouted by what sounds to be a boy, probably early in his teenage years. "The Dragonarmy is invading us, run!"

Amyrei and Mayari looked at each other and quickly took action. Amyrei went to her wardrobe and took out her garments specifically for times like these. While Mayari rolled-up the scrolls on the table and placed it in a chest. Afterwards, she placed the locks and casted protection spells on it.

"Hand me the chest," Amyrei said as she puts her white shirt, with a washed out emblem of their family crest, on her body. Mayari looked at her, measuring her, and handed the chest to her.

She placed her hands on top of the chest and whispered words only those in her profession has knowledge of. The chest glowed green and yellow as she moves her hand around it and finished her whispers. "There we go," she handed it back to Mayari. "You know where to hide it?"

Mayari nodded as she took the chest back and went in the other room.

Amyrei opened her warchest and took out her weapons. Two thin daggers that she threw up and caught with her hands, tested the weight, to familiarised herself again. Then she took her sword and placed it on her back, over her shoulders, exactly where she can pull it easily. She checked her belt, pockets, bags, and everything is in order.

The last thing she wore was her favourite cloak. Crafted from the finest material long lost forgotten. It was light and yet strong, saved her life from fatal blows many times. The colour adapts to its environment which helps her to hide and listen to conversations, or sneak behind her prey to capture, or worst, end their lives if it is for the greater good. A family heirloom handed down from generations of the Whitelight family, a clan she remembered she was digging into before she was placed under a long deep sleep.

She was trying to remember more when Mayari went back to the room wearing what looks like an elven light armor with an emblem of a gryphon feather on her chest. Her hair was tied up in a ball, exposing her short pointy ears and smooth brown neck. Down her neck, there is a glowing green pendant, one she has not seen her wear before.

On her sides are two swords, one long and the other short. And on her back, there is a handle with a red gem, with what could only be a dagger, placed horizontally at level to her waist. No longer is Mayari wearing her royal blue robe, she is in full battle gear. Which only made her more curious as to who she really is.

But the emblem. The emblem. It looks familiar to her but she can not see pull out her memories of it. She has seen it somewhere before but there was only pain in her head whenever she begins to see clearly. She swayed…

"I'm so sorry, Amyrei, I haven't told you," she rushed towards her to give her support. "Here, sit down and take deep breaths."

Amyrei allowed herself to be helped on a chair. Told me what?

"Now's not the time to remember. We have to help the city."

She realised she was right. "No, not the city. We are going to help the people." She took one last deep breath and stood up, "We are going to save those that can not defend themselves."

"A noble ideal, Amyrei," replied Mayari. "But, alas, I am called to report first before I take part in this."

She can not believe what she heard, "Report? What are you saying? Is saving the defenseless not important enough?"

"They are important, my brothers and sisters are on their way. My task is different."

"Are they your patrons? Are they the ones who sent you here to watch over me?"

"Yes, they ordered me to help you recover. And no, if you are thinking I am spying on you," she smiled. "I will be going where I will be of most use in this… war."

War. "Very well, if you must go, then go. May Branchala keep your life, dear Mayari."

She bowed deeply before her, "Thank you, mistress Amyrei." When Mayari stood, she embraced her and left.

"Who is Mayari?" She said quietly. "And that emblem, it looked very familiar." When she started to feel the pain again, she focused on the task at hand, to defend the defenseless. She realised, the Knights of Solamnia have probably retaliated; or they started this escalation of hostilities, by attacking Neraka.

She decided she's going to help in Palanthas as best as she could and head to the city of Neraka. If she has to kill even the Solamnics to save the innocents, she will. She strongly believe that through her actions, the people of Neraka, evil they may be, will see the light of good, and perhaps, introduced them to her family, her home.


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