Awoken in Time

Amyrei woke up tired. The room lit by a lonely candle on top of her table. She doesn't remember leaving it there though. Confused. She stood, yawned like a bear who had just awoken from a deep slumber.

"That felt good," she said to no one. Her bones cracked as she stretched her legs and arms.

The door opened slowly, "Mistress, I can hear your bones from afar. You need to oil those joints lest you become like those poor souls stoned by renegade mages," a young woman said. "I am Mayari," she bowed, "I've been looking after you. I see that you are feeling well, Mistress Amyrei?"

Mistress Amyrei? Amyrei is deep in thought as she assess the beautiful creature before her with long black hair reaching to her waist. She also noticed, for the first time, that her silk dress was of a color no mere maiden would ever wear, royal blue. This piqued her interest more… "Thank you, Lady Mayari," she replied.

"No, please, just Mayari, my Mistress."

"Then call me by my name only, Mayari."

"A fine compromise, Amyrei," she smiled.

Schooled in manners and speaks with confidence. With the pleasantries out of the way, "Mayari, you said you've been looking after me, what do you mean by that? How long was I asleep?" She gestured over the table with a slowly dimming candle, "I don't even remember leaving a candle there, and that table was not there last I can remember."

Mayari went over to the table and placed a new lit candle on top of the dying light. She then turned to face her mistress and looked straight into her eyes, "This may sound crazy but you have been sleeping for well over a year."

"Over a year!" She exclaimed unbelieving. She could not even think it is possible. Did someone cursed me? Was I attacked? Then pain hits her hard forcing her to sat down on her bed, holding her head.

"Amyrei," Mayari rushed to her aid and conjured water on her palms, "Here, drink this. It will help you with the pain."

She drank the water and it tasted sweet as honey with a smell like apple. Her pain subsided, yet the memories she was trying to remember are still beyond her reach.

"Good, good. You still need to rest, Amyrei."

"Thank you. I'm thinking about the last memory I have before I fell asleep but it was not there." She looked at Mayari, begging for answers.

"You will remember in time. What is important today is you finally woke up. But, you have to rest for now, we will find the answers to your questions together when you have fully recovered."

She let Mayari helped her lie on her bed. When her bones cracked once again they both laughed and giggled like little girls. Once she was comfortable, Mayari bid her leave and left her alone to her thoughts.

Until the waking world left her again…


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