An Encounter…

Sitting under the shade of a lonely oak tree in the middle of a vast farm, Amyrei observed how lovely this day was. The sun high up shining on the crops while the farmers patiently provided life giving water to the growing produce. Ordinary people. Men, women, and children, simply living the lives given to them.

The embrace of the oak tree's shadows made her relax and closed her eyes. She listened as the birds sing and the leaves played its music as it moves through the soft breeze of the cool wind.


She opened her eyes and looked around. No one around. The farmers had already left for break, and the shadows had gone longer. She closed her eyes again and listened intently.


There it was again.

"Get ready for war…"

She quickly rolled to her left inches before a flying knife struck her eye. She stood up and turned to her right, with the tip of her sword stopping at the throat of the intruder.

"Who are you?"

The human smiled, "Well done." Then he turned into a mist and disappeared.

Amyrei concentrated and made her skin like diamond, while she slowly pulled her dagger. She looked around and noticed she was no longer in the safety of the oak tree and there was a growing thick fog blocking all her senses.

She cringed as she felt a knife cut her left leg. In quick succession, she turned around, lowered herself, while her sword slashed against the empty fog, and thrusted her dagger upwards upon returning to the same direction she started… blood dripped down her thin dagger.

"Perfectly executed, Amyrei", the human said, showing his hands holding her dagger's blade. "The drums of war are sounding! Look in the direction of Schallsea." The human disappeared as a blinding light exploded. "It is time you pick a side, Whitelight!"

Amyrei was blinded even after she covered her eyes. She started to feel her diamond skin protection waned and felt her skin burn. But as abruptly as it happened, it stopped. When she opened her eyes, she was once again under her favourite lone oak tree with dusk breaking as the sun sets.

She looked down on her left leg and saw the cut the human made, the only reminder that her mysterious encounter was not a figment of her imagination.


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