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An Encounter…

Sitting under the shade of a lonely oak tree in the middle of a vast farm, Amyrei observed how lovely this day was. The sun high up shining on the crops while the farmers patiently provided life giving water to the growing produce. Ordinary people. Men, women, and children, simply living the lives given to them.The embrace of the oak tree's shadows made her relax and closed her eyes. She listened as the birds sing and the leaves played its music as it moves through the soft breeze of the cool wind.

In Defense

Homes of families simply living their lives were burning left and right. Little children were running with their mothers already burdened by babes and things she can take with them. She sneaked from one house to another, saving men, women, and children trapped.When she got inside one house that has barely a scorched from fire, what assaulted her sight was a mutilated family, even a little kid dead while holding a bread knife. She took the knife from the kid and arranged his body as if he was sleeping.As she looked around, on the far corner lies the kid's father, on top of what looked to be a Solamnic soldier. I only hope that he was not a knight, she thought to herself as she pulled the father and laid him beside his son. Then she took the body of the Solamnic and placed him on the right of the kid's father.Seeing that there were no other bodies and sensing that there was no immediate danger, she took her war flute and played a soft music for the dead. The sound was calming an…

To Arms

"What do you think?" Mayari asked, pointing her fingers at a line on an old brown scroll, "Could this be the spell that put you into slumber?"Amyrei walked towards the table and looked over her shoulders, "A good find my dear Mayari," she tapped her shoulders. "Could you…" Bells rang outside of her home, "Are not those the warning bells of the city?" "The city is underattack!" Shouted by what sounds to be a boy, probably early in his teenage years. "The Dragonarmy is invading us, run!"

Awoken in Time

Amyrei woke up tired. The room lit by a lonely candle on top of her table. She doesn't remember leaving it there though. Confused. She stood, yawned like a bear who had just awoken from a deep slumber."That felt good," she said to no one. Her bones cracked as she stretched her legs and arms.The door opened slowly, "Mistress, I can hear your bones from afar. You need to oil those joints lest you become like those poor souls stoned by renegade mages," a young woman said. "I am Mayari," she bowed, "I've been looking after you. I see that you are feeling well, Mistress Amyrei?"Mistress Amyrei? Amyrei is deep in thought as she assess the beautiful creature before her with long black hair reaching to her waist. She also noticed, for the first time, that her silk dress was of a color no mere maiden would ever wear, royal blue. This piqued her interest more… "Thank you, Lady Mayari," she replied."No, please, just Mayari, my Mistre…