Uth Paranaith

How long has it been? She thought. It has been some time since she entered the infamous evil capital city of Neraka, bastion of the Dragonarmy, and if rumours were true, there were honourable changes sweeping through their ranks. "Hah! As if that will ever happen," she whispered to herself. "Honourable and Dragonarmy are a contradiction."

Draconians, goblins, and humans were very common in the city. Sadly, as much as she wanted to explore every inch of it, there were places she had to avoid, like the temples of the evil pantheon. She expected them to see her and accuse her of disrupting their version of peace and order. Though their gods respected her god, it was not something she was willing to risk. Mortals, after all, will never live by their holy, or unholy in this matter, will.

It was yesterday when Amyrei finally received a missive. She followed the instructions, and arrived at the agreed location. At first, she thought it was a trap. It was quiet, eerily quiet. Have they discovered me? She wondered. Her protections up, she examined the immediate area. She sneaked from one house to another, hiding behind barrels, stalls, and the darkest shadows. Eyes wide open for any slight movement, ears in attention for any small sound. Nothing.

Time was of the essence. She decided it was a risk she must take. Slowly, she approached an abandoned house from the back. Expecting an ambush, instead she found a brown package partially hidden under a chair. She brushed-off the leaves and saw a label with words she was too familiar with, Est Sularus oth Mithas. It was signed, Oth Nikkas. Uth Paranaith. "Our truth. From friends," she said in common.

She looked behind her, scanned the vicinity, and checked the package for any traps. None. She picked it up, curious and tempted to open it when she heard a commotion not far from her. In a quick move, she opened a tear in the air and placed the package inside, all the while, she was running fast through town. Upon reaching the northern gates of Neraka, she carefully sneaked past the guards and patrols, and out into the forest.

Uth Paranaith…


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