Journal Entry #20

The dawn of a new day is breaking as the first rays of the sun shines on the world. Amyrei was already up and had finished her daily meditation. She was washing herself when someone knocked on her door.

"Good morning, my lady Amyrei. I have here the bread, the greens, and the hot concoction you requested," said a thin, high-pitched voice.

She smiled, she realised it must be the young girl she rescued two days ago, stealing coins from a kender… a kender, of all the creatures she should steal from. "Could you leave it there by the door, please? Thank you." A human girl stealing from a kender… she silently laughed.

"As you wish, my lady Amyrei. Aaanndd… thank you for helping me get a decent work." She heard the young girl ran back downstairs.

After she refreshed herself, she took the tray of food and placed it on the table. She pulled out the chair and sat on it while she bit on the warm, aromatic bread made by Tika. She then opened her journal and read her previous entries while sipping the hot tea she specifically gave instructions on how to prepare. A tea her late adopted mother likes to think of as a secret recipe.

She took one more sip of her mother's secret tea. "Here's to journal entry number 20," she said. "I made it this far, mother!"

Today is the last day of my stay here at Solace, a town built on top of and within the great trees of Vallenwood. One would think the elves live here but it's a human town!

A fortnight ago, while I was sitting in the darkest corner of Tika's place, a man of age came crashing through the doors panicking. He begged everyone to help rescue his two daughters who were taken after their caravan was ambushed. Having encountered such thugs numerous times, I slipped out to hunt.

While following their trails, I came by the tribe of Que-Kiri. A fierce warrior tribe in Abanasinia of about 800 nomadic Plainsmen. They pointed me to the right direction, and here I thought they would not even talk to me -- their reputation and all. No sooner after I left them, I felt this was no ordinary quest. Slowly, I can sense familiarity and peace in the land. But I pushed these away, I had to concentrate.

This was when I chanced on another tribe, the Que-Shu, my people. As this was the first time I've met them, a part of me was eager. I wanted to leave then but at the back of my mind, I knew this is where it all leads. As I was about to enter, a warrior blocked my path, "You are not worthy to enter our village, Amyrei," said a broad man. "Would you like to prove your worth?"

I was a bit surprised that he knew my name. But as they are my people, I agreed, and he showed me to their arena where I had to face the reigning Que-Shu Champion.

It was a long and tiring match, he truly deserve his title. I almost lost but a battle can be won in many different honourable ways, it was not all weapons and bruteness, it's brains too (not that he's dumb, no, I happen to be smarter). Suffice it to say, I emerged victorious and I was given a traditional fur cloak of the Que-Shu tribe. They wasted no time, we walked around the town before they led me to the Temple -- where not one answered my many questions during that ceremonius walk.

It was here that I learned more of my people, was given a prophecy (which I do not believe), and became a true Que-Shu, not just by blood (according to them). (I want to write down what we talked about but I was told not to. Perhaps in time I'll be allowed to… for I must, for record keeping.)

Oh, the two daughters? They're safe. Before I arrived in my people's town, they already hunted the thugs. I brought the two ladies back to Solace and their father, although I wish I ended their annoying lives. These two ladies were giggling all the way back! They were whispering how handsome the plainsmen were and how it electrified them when the men kissed their hands. Which is not our custom so I'm sure they were being polite. I hope I do not cross paths with them again!

Still I cannot shake the feeling that my people knew I was coming.

~ Amyrei WhiteLight Aisiele, the wayfarer.

Amyrei closed her book and placed it back in her satchel. She stood, wore her cloak, and pulled her hood over her head. She took one last look in the room that she spent more than half a month, smiled, and sneaked out in the shadows. A sack of gold coins left on the table.


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