Character: Amyrei Whitelight Aisiele

She does not know where she came from, all that she remembers was how the mother she had known told her, on her deathbed, that she's not of her blood, that she came from the Whitelight family-clan, a long line of noble families, forgotten, and hidden. After she passed, she left the family she grew up with, to fulfill her dreams of seeing the world and to search for her past.

It was in the cities controlled by the once honourable Knights of Solamnia that she found her first clue. Her father, or maybe grandfather, was a member of the Solamnic Knights when they were still true to their so-called Oath of Measure. He was, she learned, Coads Whitelight Agnes, known among his peers as the Knight of Tears, for reasons she does not understand.

At first, she was relieved. Knowing that her immediate parental lineage was a knight, one can say a defender and champion of the good. But that only lasted for a month or so. It was not enough. Deep inside, she knew she has to continue searching. Her wanderlust, curse the kenders if they infected her, burst forth again. She longed for the outside world. Staying in one place is death.

Days turned to months and months turned to years. She ultimately reconciled with herself that she does not fit anywhere. No one is perfect, true, and thus, no system is perfect either. In this world, she realised, what is important is the triumph of good and of life. Indecision is not an option.

It was also during her travels that she learned how unfair the world is. They judge one by their looks and lineage not by their heart and soul. The cruelty of the world against her kind, a human and an elf, the best of both worlds and thus shunned by the world. It was worst when her elven cousins discovered kagonesti runs in her blood. One would think the elven races were above these injustices, but no, they are too proud. She learned to hide her ears, travel in concealment, walk in the shadows, cover herself with cloaks. Yet she continually forgive these people and it helped her carved her own path in life.

With rumours of war looming, she made her choice to stand for good. Not just any good cause but those that is fair and for the betterment of all. Fairness and not equality. Life over senseless sacrifice. She walks the world, nameless, unknown. Helping where she can if she can.

A dream, perhaps. But everything good starts by planting seeds. Her home is fairness. Her family, life.


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