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Journal Entry #20

The dawn of a new day is breaking as the first rays of the sun shines on the world. Amyrei was already up and had finished her daily meditation. She was washing herself when someone knocked on her door."Good morning, my lady Amyrei. I have here the bread, the greens, and the hot concoction you requested," said a thin, high-pitched voice.She smiled, she realised it must be the young girl she rescued two days ago, stealing coins from a kender… a kender, of all the creatures she should steal from. "Could you leave it there by the door, please? Thank you." A human girl stealing from a kender… she silently laughed."As you wish, my lady Amyrei. Aaanndd… thank you for helping me get a decent work." She heard the young girl ran back downstairs.After she refreshed herself, she took the tray of food and placed it on the table. She pulled out the chair and sat on it while she bit on the warm, aromatic bread made by Tika. She then opened her journal and read her prev…

Character: Amyrei Whitelight Aisiele

She does not know where she came from, all that she remembers was how the mother she had known told her, on her deathbed, that she's not of her blood, that she came from the Whitelight family-clan, a long line of noble families, forgotten, and hidden. After she passed, she left the family she grew up with, to fulfill her dreams of seeing the world and to search for her past.